Chicago Couple Sends Trump A Wedding Invitation, Shocked By What Shows Up At Their Door

President Trump surprised a couple in Chicago that invited him to their wedding!

One couple in Chicago who are obviously fans of President Donald Trump, decided to give their dreams a shot and invited him and the First Lady Melania Trump to their wedding.

They were fully aware and understanding that, being the President of one of the worlds powerful countries, he probably wouldn’t have been able to attend. But they decided to send the invitation anyway.

At their great surprise something amazing happened.

Maybe in the past the President was a more easily reachable figure. It was not unusual for ordinary people to even visit him personally. But today the number of people who have free access to the President is extremely limited.

However, many people still try to get in touch with him every day, by sending letters and messages to the White House. They try to communicate even though they are most likely not even sure if the President gets these messages at all.

This Chicago couple did the same thing and as their wedding date was getting closer they were more sure that the Commander-in-Chief will not be able to attend.

Brianna and Timothy Dargert of Orland Park sent out the invite anyway. On their great surprise they soon received a personalized letter, signed by Donald and Melania Trump.

According to Fox News,

The couple was married in May, 2017. After a few months they were surprised by what came in their mail. A congratulatory letter from Mr. and Mrs. Trump that read: “We join your family and friends in celebrating this joyous occasion and your love and commitment to one another. May your hearts grow fonder and your love deeper each day, and may God continue to bless your life together.”

The couple wrote in an email to the Fox 32 News, “We both admire the President greatly,”adding “and to receive something from him personally completely touched our hearts. It is wonderful to see that he truly cares about the American people!”

This is not the first time the President has done something like this. In spite of the pressure and responsibility he’s under, he always finds time for his people to show them kindness.

He surprised people in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico when he visited them after the hurricanes to show his support and compassion.

There are many cases in the past when he responded to citizens’ letters with a personal message offering condolences, encouragement,  and support. Of course his responsibilities don’t allow him to connect with everyone who reaches out to him personally, but he tries to  stay close to his people every now and then as much as the time allows.

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