Inmates Exact Their Revenge on Convicted Baby Torturer

A notorious baby torturer in the United Kingdom was held hostage in his cell for four hours and beaten by other inmates with tuna cans in socks, the U.K. Daily Star reported.

Tony Smith, 47, was in Swaleside Prison in Kent after he was convicted of abusing his baby son so badly that both the boy’s legs had to be amputated.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the court at Maidstone Crown Court in Kent heard that his child was seconds from death from septicemia — blood poisoning — by the time doctors saw him at 41 days old.

Smith and his girlfriend, 24-year-old Jody Simpson, received 10-year jail sentences for their role in the crime.

The case became a major media incident in the United Kingdom after pictures of the couple’s squalid apartment became public. Both were apparently heroin addicts. According to a report in the U.K. Mirror, the infant’s injuries might have been caused by being swung by the ankles.

Smith and Simpson denied causing harm to the child but were each convicted for what were described as “a series of spiteful assaults” on the young boy, also named Tony Smith. They began serving their sentences in February.

According to the Daily Star, sources inside the prison said Smith was beaten brutally on Aug. 7 by other prisoners at Swaleside — known as “Stabside” for its violent reputation — using improvised weapons.

“The inmates were wrongly housed in the vulnerable prisoner B wing,” a prison insider told the newspaper.

“They came into contact with Smith and held him hostage in his own cell for four hours.

“During that time they tied him to a chair and attacked him with a sock filled with tuna cans and metal bars. They also stamped all over him,” the source added.

“Prison guards managed to get them off in the nick of time — he’s lucky he didn’t die. The men are now in segregation pending an investigation as to how this happened.”

Smith suffered a broken eye socket, jaw and ribs during the attack, according to the Metro U.K.

British Prison Service officials were somewhat less descriptive regarding the attack.

“Staff resolved an incident involving three prisoners at HMP Swaleside on 7 August,” a statement from the Service read.

“The incident has been referred to the police so it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

There’s no denying the scourge of heroin can ravage the human being, body and soul. But there’s no excuse for attacking a helpless child — especially an infant.

And prison inmates are known to exact their own kind of justice on those who are imprisoned for abusing children, whatever the victim’s age.