Obama Appeal Denied: Judge Orders Him To Pay Back $400 Million

Barack Obama’s appeal to the Supreme Court has been denied, meaning the lower court ruling that he pays restitution will stand. That order, from Judge Sanford Batt of the West Texas Federal Probate Court, states that Obama and his family will forfeit their assets and future earnings as well as gifts and presidential pensions until the $400 million he handed to Iranian hardliners is paid back:

“That money was given to terrorists without the taxpayers’ approval and without Congressional approval. The court hereby declares it a personal debt and orders the defendant and/or his family and estate to pay the debt owed to America.”

What that means is that Obama will give up $160 million he and his wife scammed in book deals as well as the $104 million they’ve made speaking to refugee camps overseas. The rest of the debt will come from their pension unless someone like George Soros steps in and pays his debt for him.

Obama and his lawyers argued that a decision made in the interests of national security can’t be directed at the man but rather the office:

“This is f*cking ridiculous.”

That was really all he needed to say. The American people are getting their money back. Maybe Trump will use it to fund the wall.